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About Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas is an organized name in the migration industry, offering sound visa and immigration services sharing broad migration service ground. We are thoroughly focusing on trending global mobility, thereby rendering specialized services. It is the entire team under Immigration overseas that has backed

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Lush green sceneries, exclusive wildlife, soothing beaches and mesmerizing natural beauty, are the characteristics that make Australia, a wonderland. The history, culture, diversity, food & wine of Australia, are enough to keep you under the spell. Being a developed country, it offers an endless growth possibilities for study and work.

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Canada has been a prime destination for immigration for people worldwide. With strong GDP and high human development index, the country provides a pathway to the better future. It also has one of the advanced education facilities, that let students shape their career with flying colors. The Atantic Ocean and numerous mountain ranges offer a variety

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India, a land which rejoices unity in diversity, multicultural values and rich tradition. Each state of the country spells its own unique heritage, which can leave tourists bewitched. A variety of classical dances, unparalleled architecture and soothing music, keeps your spirit high. The country can leave you spoilt for a choice with multifarious tourism options,

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New Zealand

New Zealand, an oceanic island country which is embraced by the Pacific Ocean. The country is acknowledged worldwide for its underwater wonders, rolling green hills, black sand surf beaches and wildlife. It also offers a plethora of growth opportunities for businessmen, student and job seekers, owing to the developed economy.

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Canada FAQs

Why should I migrate to Canada?

Canada is the second largest and a leading G7 nation. The country offers a stable political system, a phenomenal healthcare system, a high standard of living, a multi diverse culture, excellent social benefits and good working conditions. Moreover, it has been ranked as the best place to live for 5 years consecutively by the UN.

What is Express Entry?

A:It is a new electronic application system that aids in the selection and processing of the economic migration program in Canada. Aspirants can apply for any of these programs - a portion of the Provincial Nomination Programs, Federal Skilled Traders Program, the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Will Express Entry change the requirements of Canadian immigration programs?

No. It will not change the requirements of Canadian immigration programs. It is a new selection system for existing immigration programs and it is certainly not a new one.

What is the Express Entry profile?

An express entry profile is one where the aspirant submits an expression of interest. It includes information about your education, language ability, skills as well as work experience.

What is the Express Entry pool?

Entrants who build an Express Entry profile and are suitable for one of Canada’s economic immigration programs (, Federal Skilled Traders Program, the Canadian Experience Class, a portion of the Provincial Nomination Programs and Federal Skilled Workers Program) enter the Express Entry pool.

What is a Canada Immigration Visa or PR Visa?

Canada Immigration Visa or PR Visa awards a permanent resident status to the aspirant. It is a visa that allows you to seek employment as well as reside anywhere in the maple leaf country. After 3 years an individual who is a permanent resident of this nation may apply for Canadian citizenship.

How does a Work Permit differ from a Canada Immigration Visa?

A qualified individual who has been granted a work permit can work as well as reside in the nation for a limited period of time. At times there are restrictions on the type of employment which can be pursued by them. A Canada Immigration Visa holder enjoys the privileges of the nationals of Canada. He/ she can sponsor family members and apply for Canadian Permanent Resident status after three years.

Q: Can I apply for temporary status as well as Permanent Resident status at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for temporary status as well as Permanent Resident status at the same time. The concept of dual intent is recognized as per the Canadian Immigration policy.

Q: How will I be affected due the changes made in Canada Immigration Regulations?

You should visit us to know about the latest changes made by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Canada immigration policies, laws and regulations are always subject to change.

Q: Should I seek the advice of a legal representative for immigration to Canada?

Yes. As legal representatives are aware of the laws they are in a better position to assist you.

Q: Who is entitled for a Canada Immigration Visa?

The PR or Canada Immigration Visa may be issued to business persons, individuals who have studied and/ or worked in Canada, provincial nominees, Quebec and federal skilled workers under Canada's economic immigration categories. Close relatives of permanent residents and Canadian nations may be issued the PR visa through family sponsorship. Qualified asylum seekers and certain individuals on compassionate and humanitarian grounds are also granted this visa.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible to migrate to Canada?

Please fill out the free visa assessment form available on our website. It is free of charge and you can contact us if you have any doubt while filling it. We would be happy to assist you.

Q: Are there special immigration procedures for different provinces in Canada?

Under the Provincial Nominaion Program some provinces have been given the power to choose or nominate entrants by the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Q: Does the Canadian government charge a fee for submitting a Canadian Immigration Application?

Yes, the Canadian government charges fees for for submitting a Canadian immigration application. However, fees are subject to change at any time.

Q: Where can my application for a Canada Immigration Visa be submitted?

The office or the location of the submission of the application is dependent on the Canada immigration category. For example, Applications must be submitted to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney or Nova Scotia for the Canadian Experience Class.

Q: Will I have to take a medical exam?

Yes. All candidates who apply for Canadian immigration have to undertake medical examinations. The medical examination includes a X-Rays, urine tests and blood tests.

Q: What is a background clearance?

The background clearance is carried out by the Canadian government without the participation of the applicant.

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