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About Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas is an organized name in the migration industry, offering sound visa and immigration services sharing broad migration service ground. We are thoroughly focusing on trending global mobility, thereby rendering specialized services. It is the entire team under Immigration overseas that has backed

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Lush green sceneries, exclusive wildlife, soothing beaches and mesmerizing natural beauty, are the characteristics that make Australia, a wonderland. The history, culture, diversity, food & wine of Australia, are enough to keep you under the spell. Being a developed country, it offers an endless growth possibilities for study and work.

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Canada has been a prime destination for immigration for people worldwide. With strong GDP and high human development index, the country provides a pathway to the better future. It also has one of the advanced education facilities, that let students shape their career with flying colors. The Atantic Ocean and numerous mountain ranges offer a variety

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India, a land which rejoices unity in diversity, multicultural values and rich tradition. Each state of the country spells its own unique heritage, which can leave tourists bewitched. A variety of classical dances, unparalleled architecture and soothing music, keeps your spirit high. The country can leave you spoilt for a choice with multifarious tourism options,

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New Zealand

New Zealand, an oceanic island country which is embraced by the Pacific Ocean. The country is acknowledged worldwide for its underwater wonders, rolling green hills, black sand surf beaches and wildlife. It also offers a plethora of growth opportunities for businessmen, student and job seekers, owing to the developed economy.

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All You Need to Know about the Canadian Express Entry System

You might be wondering as to why Canada is introducing the Express Entry Program. What is the program all about and how can you avail the benefits of it. The Canadian government has introduced the system in order to provide entry-level temporary foreign workers as a result of the concern of a shortage of workers by the union of food, retail and commercial enterprise business teams. It would grant fast admittance that competent immigrants can get under an innovative system known as express entry. From the 1st day of the New Year i.e. 1/1/2015, the Canadian government can organize permanent residency for experienced immigrants that can't be filled by Canadians by matching their skill set with the jobs.

Some of the questions that might be confusing you are answered below:

What happens to applications received prior to1st January, 2015

The government stated that they would definitely process applications submitted under the old system and applications submitted on the first day of the first Gregorian calendar month.

The assistant deputy minister of operations, Mr. Robert Orr said that the applications will be processed "on a comparable track while attending the same Commons committee last week.

By 2015 the "vast majority" of the backlogs within the Federal worker Program are going to be "sorted out".

Want to know about the latest EE scenario 2015? The Canada Express Entry Program 2015 Update lets you gather all the relevant information.

Young people are preferred and wanted in this North American Country

Younger newcomers over older ones shall be preferred to speed up permanent residency for skillful immigrants under express entry’s new point system. There is an upper limit of 1200 points provided to the candidate as per the CRS. Basically, 600 points are given on their age, language skills, work know-how, human capital and their education. It would most certainly favor the younger immigrants.

Trained professionals aged 20 to 29 shall be awarded 110 points in this category, while those 17 and under, or 45 and over will get zero points.

Ways to attract potential employees through Ad campaigns

In 2015, an extremely aggressive campaign shall be released by the government. The total funding for express entry has been budgeted for $32.5 million as per a statement delivered by the deputy minister for citizenship and immigration – Anita Biguzs. In order to help the department align its IT system in preparation for the launch of the new system, $6.9 has been assigned to them.

Are you interested in applying under the EE Canada 2015? Know the detailed Express Entry Application Rules.

Increasing Demand of the Temporary foreign workers

The acting associate assistant deputy minister – David Manicom said the when the employers prove that they cannot hire a Canadian worker for the job they can then apply for a labor market impact assessment.

Application for permanent residency through express entry shall be available to highly trained temporary foreign workers. The express entry system, thereby allows a foreign worker to apply for the job advertised by the employer.

How does the draw for Permanent residency actually work

Preference shall be given to individuals with a provincial nomination or a job offer and they would be the first ones to get the invitations for permanent residency. The invitations shall be sent out by the last week of January as per an announcement made by the Immigration Minister. A draw shall take place every two weeks. He or she would have 60 days to accept or decline the offer past an expert immigrant has received an offer to apply for permanent residency. They can re-start the process again as they have not received an offer of permanent residency after 12 months. It is an extremely fair system where applicants will be able to see how they are ranked against each other.

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves – Immigration Overseas. We are a global law firm that specializes in permanent residential services. Immigration Overseas will be very happy to help you with the Canada Express Entry. It would be our pleasure to clear all your doubts and help you get settled in Canada.

Confused with the overall procedure and requirements? Canadian Express Entry Procedure and Requirements is a platform for those who wish to avail all the necessary information in this regard.

Canada has conducted draws/ rounds of invitation to attract highly skilled professionals towards the country under the Express Entry program 2015. To get all the latest information in regard to this, visit the page Canada Express Entry round of invitation .

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