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Immigration Overseas is an organized name in the migration industry, offering sound visa and immigration services sharing broad migration service ground. We are thoroughly focusing on trending global mobility, thereby rendering specialized services. It is the entire team under Immigration overseas that has backed

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Lush green sceneries, exclusive wildlife, soothing beaches and mesmerizing natural beauty, are the characteristics that make Australia, a wonderland. The history, culture, diversity, food & wine of Australia, are enough to keep you under the spell. Being a developed country, it offers an endless growth possibilities for study and work.

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Canada has been a prime destination for immigration for people worldwide. With strong GDP and high human development index, the country provides a pathway to the better future. It also has one of the advanced education facilities, that let students shape their career with flying colors. The Atantic Ocean and numerous mountain ranges offer a variety

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India, a land which rejoices unity in diversity, multicultural values and rich tradition. Each state of the country spells its own unique heritage, which can leave tourists bewitched. A variety of classical dances, unparalleled architecture and soothing music, keeps your spirit high. The country can leave you spoilt for a choice with multifarious tourism options,

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New Zealand

New Zealand, an oceanic island country which is embraced by the Pacific Ocean. The country is acknowledged worldwide for its underwater wonders, rolling green hills, black sand surf beaches and wildlife. It also offers a plethora of growth opportunities for businessmen, student and job seekers, owing to the developed economy.

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Australia- Fulfilling Expectations of Migrants in All Aspects

Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is the sixth-largest country consisting of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and several scattered islands around. The country is a proud member of the G20, Commonwealth of Nations, and Development (OECD), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, ANZUS, Organization for Economic Co-operation, United Nations, World Trade Organization, and the Pacific Islands Forum, which manifests its credibility as a developed country.

Proliferating Economy- Opens Opportunity For a Better Lifestyle

The modern market economy of Australia is regarded for being developed and consistently growing. The country generates its revenue from sectors like mining, telecommunication, agriculture, tourism and export related activities. Its sovereign credit rating is ‘AAA’, higher than the USA, which is testimony of fruitful political and economical environment. In the year of 2012, the country reached the fifth highest rank in terms of per capita income. Along with this, the Human Development Index was ranked second highest owing to excellent health & educational facilities, economic freedom, civil liberties and political rights. The grounds of these aforementioned factors, the nation is acknowledged for providing the best growth opportunities for its people or migrants as well. This is the reason, which makes migration to Australia a fulfilling endeavour to escalate the life.

Society- A Blend of Different Traditions and Values

Being a home of more than 40% of mixed cultural origin, the nation appreciates an egalitarian society. Here, people from different countries and origin are treated equally, eliminating any sort of discrimination on the grounds of nationality, color, education, work, etc. The country is committed to provide the best and free, living environment for all citizens, whether they are natives, or migrants. Here, one can experience glimpses of the entire world, from European culture, overwhelming Asian tradition to the western modernity. The country embraces the culture and religious belief of different people from across the world and let them follow their tradition freely, this is why, the lanes are lined with Anglican churches, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist temples, mosques, and synagogues. This is why; one can experience unity in diversity in the Australian society. All the festivals, from Diwali, Guru Parab, Christmas or Eid, are celebrated with great enthusiasm and liveliness. Thus, the society of the nation welcomes every migrant with good gestures and ensures to cooperate to the fullest.

Natural Wonders of Australia- Soothe mind and soul

With exclusive wildlife, lush green mountains, and untouched beaches, Australia is not less a paradise for nature lovers. The Great Barrier Reef, and the hidden world beneath it, leaves tourists spellbound by keeping their senses in an ecstatic state. Here, people come to explore and embrace nature at its best. Its beaches are world renowned for its beauty, calmness, and cleanliness. The most famous beaches of the country are Bondi and Manly in Sydney, St Kilda in Melbourne, Surfers Paradise on the Queensland Gold Coast, Cottesloe in Perth and Glenelg in Adelaide. Here, tourists can relish the sensuous touch of waves while lying on the cozy white sand under the open sky.

Opportunities for students

The education system of Australia is highly regarded for putting great emphasize on practical training, which offers immense possibilities in the field of Art & Humanities, Pre-Clinical & health, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences, Social Sciences and others. It has seven world ranked universities and other quality institutes, that attract many international students after USA and UK. The country offers the humble, safe, and a secure studying environment to the international students. Students with exemplary skills and talents are entitled for the scholarships by the government.

Paving career path of professionals

Owing to the thriving economy, the country offers immense job opportunities in the field of mining, manufacturing. IT, telecommunications, and other sectors. The country wants qualified and experienced professionals from worldwide join its economy and take it to newer heights. Thus, it offers many Australia skilled immigration programs, through which a professional can join its workforce.

Job opportunities in Australia are seeking diligent, qualified and hardworking professionals who could play a vital role in the country’s economy, thereby determining growth parameters for themselves. Get to know, how to apply for jobs, from immigration consultants, who will guide you through the entire visa skill set, letting you know the required eligibility criteria for a job that you desire for.

Brief on different Australia visa types:

If you are looking for the best destination for higher studies, business purpose or just want to a take a break from your busy schedule, Australia is the right place for you. To take a trip to the country, you need a valid visa type. The country offers a variety of visa programs, suiting different goals and objectives.

Tourist Visa:
The tourist visa allows you to move around the country freely for up to 12 months.

Business Visa:
The travelling visa fulfills all your business requirements in the country. With this visa, you can attend business meetings, seminars and other official events for up to a 12-month period.

Work Permit:
The Work Permit is considered the best visa to get into the country. Under this program, skilled professionals are provided with visa to work and live here permanently.

Family Visa:
The Family Visa allows you to visit your nearest and ones already residing in the country.

Student Visa:
The Student Visa entitles you to study and live in the country for the duration of the course that you have opted for.

Choose the most suited visa type for yourself and get your eligibility assessed by Free Visa Assessment program. The Visa Assessment Online is easy, quick and reliable. You can also make Online Visa Enquiry to the status of the visa process easily.

How can Immigrate Overseas help you to get an Australian visa?

Immigration Overseas is a leading immigration law firm, offering Australia immigration services. With certification from renowned immigration authorities and MARA certified lawyers, we are committed to providing reliable, flexible, and client-centric services for Australia immigration from India. Our organization is greatly acknowledged for the most trusted Migration expert Australia assistance to students, professionals, business persons and others aspirants. Interested clients can contact us for further details.

Join hands with us to bridge the gap between you and your migration dreams.

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